If You Haven't Hired Successfully Before, Why Take The Risk & Try To Figure It Out All By Yourself? 

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Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY How To Make This Hire Your Smoothest Move...  

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 Are you done struggling?

I asked my audience what they were struggling with when it comes to hiring & training a VA ... A lot of you seem to be on the same page & experiencing very similar problems. 

This is exactly why I created 'Build That Team'!

So when you say you are willing to take the next step and hire someone ... The question you should be asking yourself is: Do I want to get it right the first time? Or is it fine to half-ass things for now?  

Can you afford to try and figure things out by yourself? Can you afford to turn this hire into a hot mess express without a real plan on how to create an effective team? Can you afford to handhold and go back and forth instead of making this simple and staightforward? 

Honestly, I don’t think you can. And I don’t think you want to either.  

Trying to do everything on your own will not help you build your business, but prevent you from growing it. Hiring someone and then not having them perform at their best will prevent you from growing it.

So let’s start this off right from the beginning, will we?  

Delegating and setting up a high-performing team so that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your team is working at full capacity with the care and dedication you have yourself.  

In this training, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do this — hiring an assistant that is of massive help, will take hours and hours off your plate every day, by working independently on own areas while you go out there and make the $$$ that you deserve.



  • How do you best prepare your business when starting to build your team? 
  • What ‘internal infrastructure’ needs to be created? 
  • How do you protect your business and knowledge? 
  • What can I prepare NOW to make onboarding smooth, fast & effective? 
  • How to identify the right tasks to have the VA start with to get to peak performance fast?  


How to go from not knowing where to look to hiring the best candidate. 

  • Where to find the best candidates? 
  • How to set up your job post to attract high quality candidates? 
  • How to conduct the interviews? 
  • How to select the best?


  • How do you navigate the onboarding process without interrupting everyday business? 
  • How do you decide whether someone passed the trial?
  • How to train in an efficient way so that you don’t need to go back and forth or hold hands? 
  • Track hours and time spent? 
  • How do you optimize your communication?  


  • How do you define KPIs to hit? 
  • How to track progress? 
  • How do you troubleshoot? 
  • How do you strive for peak performance
  • How do you get tasks off your plate for good & develop standard operating procedures so that your VA works self sufficient? 
  • How do you maximize ROI & use the freed up time best? 


 4 Video Modules

  • Literally step-by-step instructions. Nothing is left out - walking you through Pre-Hiring, preparing your biz to having an established work routine with your VA
  • Plenty of examples given to make sure you can apply it to YOUR business
  • You'll receive INSTANT access to the whole training so that you can WATCH ON YOUR OWN PACE!


Plus, Receive Those Bonuses

Bonus #1

From Solopreneur to Leader: FREE training on the Four Crucial Skills to develop to turn into the leader your business needs ($99 value)

No longer fear not knowing how to build and run a team by developing the skill set needed to become a strong leader even if you've never managed a single person before!

Bonus # 2

Curated onboarding templates + tech overview to ease hiring experience ($79 value)

The exact onboarding templates that we use and we also give to your VIP clients as well as a tech overview of what is needed to facilitate the hiring process & protect your business

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